Monday, September 22, 2008

Helmet Review

Looks like Skiing magazine has put up their 2008-2009 helmet review. Check out the list, it's not very inclusive (I'd like to see some of the other models, but oh well).

Monday, September 15, 2008

Twilight Seasons

Looks like it's twilight season on the spring and summer activities. My cycling habit has slowly backed down to an almost non-existent level. I still plan on at least two more 100 mile rides this season. I feel that after a season of over 1500 miles logged on my road bicycle alone, I've achieved much more than what I had set out to do.

As it gets dark earlier now, I've started spending more time in the gym. While I can certainly cycle at night, it's not nearly as fun, and the chance of accidents goes up tremendously. Accidents with cars have a much lower survival rate I feel. The gym routine is getting to be pretty standard, it's my usual pre-season leg wake up routine:

Core Work out:
  • Prone Bridges
  • Lateral Bridges
  • Balance Ball push ups
  • Balance Ball un-assisted standing
  • Static Lateral pull downs
  • Static Leg press
  • Russian half squat
  • Single leg bench dips
  • Assorted bicep and chest movements
The single leg bench dips seem to get the most giggles, followed right behind by the balance ball standing routine.