Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another Teaser

Thanks to an anonymous comment, another teaser from Adventure Film Works, this one titled "Weather We Change". The teaser looks like it's pretty interesting, some nice shots of the slopes, the powder, and includes a little of the socio-political commentary the film is geared towards. The really killer part, they had a link to the website, a listing of the soundtracks to all the ski movies from years gone past.

Find the better quality teaser here, but you can also just watch the YouTube streaming trailer down below:

Friday, July 20, 2007

Yet Another Trailer

"8 Years Later" the teaser trailer from Shine Line Productions has been put online. Since they don't provide a direct link to the player, a few rules to follow to find it. Click on this link, find the graphic button "Launch TRAILER Time", and finally click on the video you want.

Or since they do provide an option to embed the trailer, just sit back and watch...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

2007 Teaser collection

I started it in the last thread, but found this just recently:

The Teton Gravity Research forums collection for the 2007 Trailer listings. A much better collection than one I can make anywhere. To keep things simple here is a snapshot of it (thanks to AplineDad for the compilation so far):

TGR - Lost & Found - teaser / teaser 2 / discussion thread
Abisinthe Productions - Optimistic - trailer
Alterna - Apples & Oranges - trailer / discussion thread
Coreshot - Linescore - trailer / discussion thread
Gaper Day - trailer / press release
First Tracks - Hello, My Name Is - trailer / discussion thread
Level 1 Productions - Realtime - trailer / website / discussion thread / preorder
Mack Dawg Productions - Picture This - teaser
MSP - Seven Sunny Days - teaser / tour / discussion thread
Off Trail Productions - Catchy Title - teaser
Poor Boyz / Studio411 - Idea - website / teaser 1 / teaser 2 / footage / discussion thread 1 / discussion thread 2
Powderwhore - PW07 - trailer / website / tour
Rage - Enjoy - teaser / discussion thread
Right on Brother - Return of The Nina - teaser
Tanner Hall - Believe - teaser
Theory-3 - PNW - trailer large/small/mp4 / discussion thread
Thrillhead Creations - Return to Schralptown - teaser/trailer trailer 2
"Warren Miller" "Entertainment" - Playground - teaser / discussion thread

This doesn't seem to include a few others like:

Online Videos Day

Free time is an evil thing when one has access to an internet connection. Given the rash of heat and wild fires recently, I went looking for deals on new gear this year. Mainly boots. Justin pointed out some great deals on Beast 10s at the end of the season, unfortunately I had to send them back due to my "size" not fitting. Thus I'm back to finding some again. Instead, I found a whole bunch of videos to enjoy this year.... so without further wording from, a link list of videos.

  • SkiWorldPress has their poorly done online web video system with a collection of "Go With a Pro" videos (the PSIA/AASI snow-mercials). They're fun and got me excited to work on the bumps again (my consistent downfall). Check them out at
A couple of the snow pron videos I've found online:

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gaper Day Video

It's the middle of summer with many of us not thinking of cold winter past (unless you're in Arizona or Vegas where it's 100+ outside). What better way is there to remember the sweet moments of your 2006-2007 winter season than to view a classic season closing day. Without further waiting and rambling by me, found on the Internet, the trailer for Gaper Day. It's quite funny too. Hopefully the embedded video below works, if not click that link above.

Goggle Fog

I'm not sure if this a serious solution or some elaborate joke video, either way it did make me laugh pretty good. Check out Marks Infinite Solutions vlog on how to de-fog your goggles.

While not really relevant to the discussion, I love his gaper style, and am a bit confused as to skiing in Indiana.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Mid-Summer Snow

I've been quiet for awhile on the posting side, mostly because I've been busy with non-snow related activities. After all, it's the summer here in the northern hemisphere and snow ceases to exist when it gets just a little hot. I've heard rumors that there are few places one can ski in the summer, and I've always thought it'd be fun to try it.

One reader, Libby, left a comment about Regina Lewis having made a stop a year ago to Timberline Lodge at Mt Hood, which oddly enough was the destination for me this past week(end). I removed the roof rack bicycle connectors, re-attached the ski holders, grabbed two friends, stuff the Subaru full of gear, and off we went for a very long drive. Some classic moments of confusion arrive when driving through 80+ temperatures with snow skis/boards on the roof.

Timberline Lodge itself is absolutely stunning. Nothing more can really be said. If you're ever in the area, stop in to the see the hotel (the ski lodge isn't that exciting).

The snow? It clearly wasn't light, nor fluffy in 70+ degree temps. But it did consist of that magic frozen state long enough that it was worth every penny. Lift tickets were $45 for use of the main two lifts (Magic Mile and Palmer) and only open until 1:30(ish) PM. Lots of amateur racers to be found on the runs, as well as regular every day locals needing a fix.

The resort claims Palmer to be a black or double black run. I'm not terribly convinced of this. The slope itself isn't very steep, nor do you have any visual landmarks to help you realize how fast you may (or may not) be going. Instead, I think most of the rating comes from the need to be an active skier, one who avoids the rocks poking out.

In the end, our choice of gear selection was poor and we were hot. Buying a few pairs of cheap shorts and what not, my newly sun burnt legs are a testament to the fun we had. Tomorrow starts the drive back. Talking with a few of the locals, it sounds like the next summer road trip will be going to British Columbia. I can't wait...