Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Camp

Since I missed a large portion of the season and my ability to prepare for my next round of testing was cut short, it's been suggested I try hitting up Timberline Lodge's Summer Ski program. The PSIA NorthWest divison will be running their summer training series for GS Race Camp and a few other tidbits of fun. Unfortunately their website is pretty awful for finding any kind of useful information, but they are quick to email you schedules and what not.

Anyone else planning to attend? July 18-20!

The last time I skied at Timberline during the summer, it was just to say I could. The snow, while not great, is better than most spring corn ever seen. Originally I had thought things would be about the same as last year, only now I'd be there for 3 days instead of a few hours. Just for giggles I took a look at their conditions and almost cried. 9" of fresh new snow in the last 48 hours! 9" in June!